Crafting content for a presentation or speech isn't easy.

Most communicators struggle to understand what content to include, what content to cut, and how to order their content for maximum audience impact.

They end up shuffling together a bit of this, some of that, and just hope it all makes sense...

Your audiences deserve better.

And you can give them something better.

Something that will benefit them... and benefit you as well.

When you take the 12 Essential Content Questions course, you'll—

  • Understand the purpose of your speech or presentation. 
  • See how considering your speech or presentation piece by piece will give it focus and flow.
  • Create a speech or presentation that exudes clarity, by building it with a simple structure.
  • Write killer openings and closings that move listeners to action.

With over two hours of video instruction, a fillable PDF workbook, a printable version of the workbook, and explicit, step-by-step guidance for answering the 12 Essential Content Questions—using a hypothetical case study—you'll have what you need to nail your upcoming speech or presentation.

You don't have to struggle putting together your content anymore.

With this course, you'll move from chaos and clutter to strategic organization.

Course Overview

This course is closed for enrollment.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Jeff Davenport.

I'm a public speaker, workshop creator and facilitator, executive speaker coach, and Cicero Award-winning speech writer.

I've coached and written speeches and presentations for Fortune 10 CEOs, VPs, marketers, engineers, and all types in between.

I'm also a recovering wallflower who's discovered the challenge and joy of growing as a communicator.

I created this courses because I love helping people like you grow in their communication skills, so you can express your message with clarity, confidence, and charisma.

Instruction Videos

For each of the 12 Essential Content Questions, you'll watch a video explaining the question, unpacking why that question matters to you and your audience, some of the research behind it, and how to use your answer to that question to build a speech or presentation that has impact.

Desk Work Videos

In the Desk Work videos, your instructor will guide you through the PDF workbook, giving you step-by-step instructions for answering the 12 Essential Content Questions, while "putting skin" on the concepts by describing how they could apply to a hypothetical presentation case study.

PDF Workbook

You'll use the fillable PDF workbook—or the printable version—to answer each of the 12 Essential Content Questions so you hit all the right beats in your speech or presentation, in the right order, with a strong opening and closing grab your audience and lead them to action.

Example Curriculum

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Whether you're crafting content for an in-person presentation or a virtual one, a team meeting, all-hands, 1:1 or sales conversation, this course is for you.

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